1. Turbo Air TIA3-48N Unitary A/C 13 SEER R-410A Cooling Only 48,000BTU Indoor Model

Turbo Air TIA3-48N Unitary A/C 13 SEER R-410A Cooling Only 48,000BTU Indoor Model

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Product Description
TIA3 Series Air Handler Units are high efficient indoor use products for your room air condition care, designed to perfectly match with Turbo air's TOV3 Series Air Conditioner, ensuring an excellent system performance and high quality room air condition because all of Air Handler Units are designed with enhanced drainage port and finished with high quality insulation. As cooling equipment in summer, the SEER value of the combination can be up to 13.1. With a directive driving fan motor, the Air Handler Units run quietly, that makes contribution to your comfort room condition. 

The enclosure is built with galvanized steel and coated with a protective paint. It is convenient for transportation and installation and fully insulated from high temperature and high voltage, in order to avoid hazardous risks. 

The A shape coil design adopts rifled copper tubes with louvered aluminum fins in order to enhance the thermal transfer process. 

Built-in Reliable Components
Primary and secondary drainage ports ensure complete drainage of condensation and improve room air quality by restricting the growth of mold, mildew and corrosion. 

Expansion Device 
The Valve Expansion Device is durable and guarantees stable operation. 

Protection Device 
The factory installed coil temperature sensor provides reliable protection during operation of the system. 

Alternative installation methods are available in order to accommodate different air flow requirement, including vertical installation for up-drafts, and horizontal installation for left / right air flow. 

ETL for safety according to UL 1995.